Sunday, September 14, 2008

Installing new work at Stanford sculpture show

I'm participating in a group sculpture show at Stanford entitled 'Expanding.' Eleven Bay Area artists demonstrate a range of materials and methods to present a view of sculpture today. Below you can see images of the last days of preparation and installation of the piece I am including in the exhibit.

Jeff Dodson, Dan Grayber, Jesse Houlding,
Vera Kachouh, Jenn Karson, Seth Koen,
Christine Lee, Katie Lewis, Michael Meyers,
Brian Wasson, Patrick Wilson

Thomas Welton Stanford Art Gallery
419 Lasuen Mall, Department of Art & Art History
Stanford University

Gallery Hours: Tuesday-Friday 10am-5pm, Saturday-Sunday 1-5pm
Reception: Thursday, October 9, 4-6pm

I received a great deal of assistance with the installation from my brother Jeff (Please note the team Lobster Shack t-shirts). He also took most of these great photos. And thanks to Seth Koen. (His work is in the show as well!)

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Adele said...

Hi Mike, this looks awesome! I wish we could see it in person to really get an idea of the scope and different components. Congratulations on the install!
Take care, the Carsons